Terms and Conditions

By Using sports-adda affilate program (dashboard.sports-adda.com), a service of “sports-adda.com”, you accept the following terms and conditions.

What is sports-adda affiliate program

It is a sports networks for facebook pages( more than 25k followers) and twitter account (more than 10k followers) which have a high fan following but don’t have the relevant sports content to share or don’t have the time to write content. We provide our links to share them on their pages and get the traffic.

Affiliate Requirement:

You agree that any and all information you have provided during and after Sports-adda Registration Process is true such as bank details, accurate and complete. You also agree to update your personal information if required. Sports-adda reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account, in whole or in part, or prohibit your further use of the service, at any time, if any suspicious activity is noticed in your account.

Sports-adda Affilate Program Rules :

  • Your account will be banned as soon as you start spamming a link.
  • Your account will be banned if any invalid activity is found in your account.
  • You can not mislead the audience, change the thumbnail or any text part.
  • Your account will be blocked if we detect any bot or fake traffic from your account. Also if you generate clicks or impressions through any automated, deceptive, fraudulent or other malicious means, your account will be banned.
  • We count only one click per link from each IP in a day. Repeated clicks from same IP will not be counted.
  • We will ban your account if you engage in any action or practice that devalues Sports-adda reputation or goodwill.
  • High bounce rate is a direct indication of suspicious activity and so is not allowed on Sports-adda. Your account might be banned due an unusually high bounce rate also.

Payment Related

  • Parment Day: 15th of every month
    1. Minimum Amount: Minimum amount for payment is $20
  • Payment Methods: Net Banking, Paytm(for small amounts), Bank Transfers
  • On Demand Payment: On-Demand payment is a process of paying you before the payment day. For that, you must have minimum of $50 in your unpaid. 10% of the on demand payment will be deducted.
  • Time Takes: It will take approx 24 hours after the payment sent from our side.